It has almost been 2 years since this project began. New collaborators have continued to contribute to the project. The map below is now somewhat outdated compared to the amount of data we have collected in recent semesters. We have even added new types of locations, such as doctors, psychologists, and lawyers.

With the help of a fellowship from the Confluencenter, we will soon be posting an updated map designed by Naveed Ahmed of the University of Arizona’s Enterprise Geographic Information System (EGIS). It will be easier to navigate, it will be available in multiple languages, and it will have more locations and videos. It will also be on a different website.

Since we posted the map in the summer of 2015, similar projects have sprouted in various cities. Some projects appeared independently, such as Arriving in Berlin . Other projects have been directly influenced or inspired by the Tucson Language Capital Project. These include projects based out of Yale UniversityPrinceton University, Emory University, and the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

We are always happy to work with students, faculty, or participants within the general Tucson community. If you want to help out or just stay informed on our progress, please contact us. We also have a Facebook Group.


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